What is Interoptin?

Interoptin is a software program created by Travis Stephenson. The program is designed to create a customized popup to overlay on someone elses article or your own content. The idea is to to geInteroptin Dashboardnerate free traffic from a pop up while riding piggyback on a piece of content.

The software creates a funnel starting with a customized popup that attaches itself on the article link that you would select. The popup could be used to capture email, drive an affiliate offer, or drive traffic to your website. 

Who is Travis Stephenson

Travis Stephenson is a really good marketer and very sharp with online marketing. In his own words he identifies himself this way:

  • Affiliate/Traffic Generation Specialist
  • Over $25,000,000 in online verified sales
  • Made 6 figures his first 30 days online (2005)
  • Has consulting clients at $15,000 packages 
  • Created and sold 15 info products and software products to over 100,000 customers.

The Product Breakdown

The Interopin interface is clean and simple. The main area you will be working the most in is the campaign area. It will interface with a variety of email Auto-Responders. There are 23 email templates to choose from and you can add your own customized image.

The email auto-responder is easy to setup using API keys. Once you set it up your pretty much done. You would then build the remainder of your funnel within your email provider.Interoptin autoresponders

There are 16 training videos. Travis is really good at presenting the training. Although when your new and seeing the software preform for the first time you may have to review the training’s or segments of the training a few times to understand the details of setting up your 1st campaign. 

Interoptin Campaign view

Interoptin Campaigns

I didn’t feel all the training’s were spot on and in particular the Reddit Cash-flow Campaign training. There he selected the fitness niche and hunted the most active threads. 

What I found weird was 5:48 minutes in to it is it just ended without him finishing the point he was discussing or even the point of the video. It left me hanging. So I thought initially there must be a 2nd video. There wasn’t. So all that video to me was, you can post in Reddit, read the rules, find the most active post and do something similar. Kind of useless if you used Reddit before. 

To be effective with this software you need to have an autoresponder and you need to advertise mostly on Facebook. The majority of the videos are a review of his Facebook campaigns and how he used FB advertising to drive traffic to the articles where he had his pop ups ready for the ambush.

He also has established Facebook fan pages where he had a very good following making the targeting on Facebook much easier for him. It is an over the shoulder review of exactly what he is doing and how it worked.

I found a majority of the training’s were of him in his FB ad account. If you need training for FB ads he does a great job. But that is not exactly why I bought the software. I bought if for the idea of FREE traffic and generating quick affiliate sales. That was the hook. The training I found to be more of Facebook advertising then of the software. Of course he was using both together. 

The software is easy once you get the hang of it. 

Interoptin PerformanceInteroptin parameters step 1

I spent the first eight hours of my Saturday trying to setup my first campaign. My idea was to find an article add an exit popup with an affiliate or CPA offer and try to make some money. I reviewed the introductory training video, Software Walkthrough twice. After the first viewing I tried to implement my first campaign but had to go back and reference video segments to correctly choose my customized selections . I reviewed certain segments to finally understand what radio buttons and templates to select. I spent about 8 hours that day and was a little frustrated with little progress to have something to share on social media. 

After figuring it out, I finally launched my first Interoptin campaign.

The results weren’t stellar. Unfortunately I can’t show you the first campaign because one of the things I didn’t realize is once you hit 16 campaigns you have to delete one campaign to add a new one. From the image below you can gain some insights from another campaign. The image is from a single campaigns I tried. Single campaigns were a fraction of what is shown above. 

Interoptin Rice campaign

Interoptin Rice campaign

This is one campaign of many I had run. There were 481 clicks on the article which was posted on a dozen Facebook pages, Reddit and twitter. 4 people clicked on the pop up link going to my affiliate link providing a 13% conversion. No sales were generated. A conversion is counted with a click on the link in the pop up or an email capture. It is not a sale off of an affiliate link. So 4 people went to the affiliate sales letter and no one purchased in this example. 

All Interoptin Campaign Results over 3 weeks

All Interoptin Campaign Results over 3 weeks

Over the 3 weeks of running this campaign with strictly a front end pop up it generated 80 clicks to various affiliate offers in 2 niches.  

The Limitations of Interoptin

I generated no sales from the 3 week experience. I did not run an email campaign so I have no further information about it. The reason is below

My BIGGEST issue was the Exit pop up did not work. I wrote their support team and asked for clarification on how to setup the exit strategy. The exit pop up is supposed to execute when a visitor is finished with the page and heading to X out the tab on their browser. It looked great in the training video and my preference on a pop up strategy. I don’t like forward pop ups on content. I will close them every time when I am beginning to read content for the first time. So I wrote support. 

The support person gave me some pointers that I had already tried. She asked me for the links I was using and I provided. She didn’t have an answer for me and told me she would have to refer it to someone else. Still no response 7 days later so I wrote again asking about the exit pop up problem. No response yet as I’m writing this now day 22. So the exit strategy while the right strategy in my opinion, did not work nor was I able to get help on it. 

There are 16 training videos currently at various lengths and about 9 hours of content. The training seemed to be focused on Facebook advertising most of the time over the shoulder implementing the Interoptin strategy. I would have liked to seen more affiliate results from affiliate and CPA offers with examples of how to get there with totally free traffic.

As mentioned earlier the Reddit training didn’t provide any value to me. If your new to Reddit than it is an OK intro but will leave you hanging in the end. 

Campaigns are limited to 16 and then you have to delete 1 to add one. The other odd thing was when you added a campaign it wasn’t at the top of your campaign list nor the bottom. It does not load first nor last. The new campaign for some reason gets stuck in the middle of all the campaigns making you hunt for it. I thought that was really odd. Not a show stopper but could have been done a lot better. 

Another issue I discovered was you can’t use all articles. Some articles have privacy or cookies Interoptin privacy warning about using a particular article.established and the software is blocked from putting an overlay on it. Another issue was you don’t want to use a Interoptin popup on an article that has its own popup. So your article selection is further diminished. 


Final Thoughts on Interoptin

While I like the concept of Interoptin and believe Travis is an excellent marketer, I can’t give it a positive recommendation for the following reasons:

  • It’s expensive, $997
  • Exit strategy portion didn’t work
  • Support did not help and poor response
  • No sales from using the simplest of strategies although limited to front popup
  • Limited to articles without privacy settings and native popups

A Better Alternative

Sniply DashboardAs you can see the software I am presenting looks very much like the Interoptin dashboard. I have found this product to do something very similar to Intetoptin.

It’s called Sniply.

It’s the same concept except rather than a popup interrupting the visitor, it’s an overlay that doesn’t disappear and you can add it to any page such as Mashable, The New York Times, Tech Crunch or any other content. 

What I love about it is the overlay is always positioned on the page with your message and call to action. The visitor simply scrolls around it.

The message is always in front of them offering a good opportunity to click on your CTA button.

So like the campaigns I was trying to run in Interoptin to affiliate offers you can do the same with this piece of software.  It also integrates with most email providers.

This is an example of an overlay. 

Sniply overlay

Sniply overlay at bottom of page

The Advantages over Interoptin

  • Any article is in play – no limitations
  • The overlay stays present the entire visitor session and with options on sizing and page positioning
  • Easier to implement 
  • Retargeting
  • Easily create a conversion pixel that tracks an actual sale or lead generation
  • Easy to change messaging and call to action
  • RSS feed capability – **THIS IS HUGE**

What does the RSS Feed capability do? 

It allows you to connect a curated content feed, filter it to your niche/keywords, and automatically add your overlay with your custom messaging, CTA and send it to your social channels. That is a huge time saver!! You can send out your custom content to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn multiple times a day on autopilot. I did not see a Google + or Pinterest integration. It does integrate with IFTTT so you may be able to setup Google + and Pinterest. I haven’t tried it yet. 

What I found time consuming about Interoptin was first finding a viral article that was acceptable to the program (privacy as previously stated). Second, was I had to set up a custom campaign for each piece of content. Third I had to manually go to each social channel one by one and post. 

Another benefit I found is that with the Sniply overlay it stays visible even if the site has its own popup. The two elements won’t override each other. With Interoptin they would making that article not usable. 

Sniply saves an enormous amount of time and gets your content out there faster and at a frequency you set. 

Other Features

  • Analytics
  • Integration to social channels in addition to email auto-responders
  • Video creation tool
  • A/B Testing (test your messaging CTA, colors, etc)
  • Enterprise capability

This is not a one man band piece of software. Its a full organization behind it with good support. And it is reasonably priced starting at $29 a month. 

The perfect solution for getting your brand out there on the most popular viral articles without limitations. Drive traffic to your website or offer a discount on a product you sell. Seems like there are a lot of cool money making ideas you can do with this especially building an email list. Training and support are provided. I didn’t need any training on this as it is that easy to use. I am really happy with the social intergration and automation. This is a game changer for me. 

Check Sniply out!! 

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