The Secret to Big Profits Selling Affiliate Products

Capturing light in hands at dusk symbolic of success with affiliate marketingTo sell anything online you must understand the target niche and the competition.

Your number one job is to find people who are interested in buying what you are selling and determine if the niche is worthy.

Before you delve into a market you need to do research to determine if there is adequate demand.

You’ll also need to have an idea of how you will tap that market and present the products to sell. 

The fastest way to online success is to find a successful model and adopt it. 

Step 1. Research the niche to determine if there is adequate demand and products to meet that demand. Look for a problem to solve in your niche as well as the products to solve that problem. Click here to for a free video training course on finding a profitable niche and online business models.

Step 2. Determine how you’ll tap into the market and present the products you will sell. 

Step 3. Adopt a model. There are plenty of models out there to mirror. There are differing degrees of difficulty and technical expertise to put the system in place. Each model is a different approach and too complex to cover in detail within this article. Perhaps a future article. 

Step 4. Create your own product. The big money in affiliate marketing is having your own product to sell. That’s 100% commission to yourself. This is not a beginner step and more for the advanced affiliate marketer. Hopefully, in your journey, you will have gone far enough to step up to the next level and create your own product. With your marketing and system in place, this is the next logical step. This is where the serious money is made online. Check out this create your own product training program

If you don’t have the technical expertise you can always hire to develop whatever you may need online. It’s relatively inexpensive. 

There are programs out there that are relatively good and have most of the hard work is done for you. It does require an investment. In this online business your either going to invest time, money or both. 

A program that I think does a very through job is Affilorama. It offers everything from hosting, newsletters, article content, and tools to get you started quickly.

It includes:

  • Market overview  (niche analysis) – they’ve done the research for you giving you the conditions of many niches to help you determine if it’s worth entering.
  • Free Website for a year – this gives you a chance to see if it works without any outlay of cash for the site. 
  • Suggested affiliate products to sell
  • Newsletters – a year’s worth written for you. That alone is huge.
  • 20 Content Articles – pre-written articles with great headlines.
  • Keyword research – they’ve done a lot of the research to get you started.
  • eBooks – they give you 3 eBooks to give away. This is an awesome way to offer something for free on your opt-in page to generate an email list. 
  • Graphic images – they provide some graphics you may use for your website header. Enough to get you started.
  • Community – they have an active forum and support which is pretty decent to get questions answered. 
  • A review of your website offering expert suggestions to improve it.

This is by far the most complete system that I’ve seen and used. If you are a beginner and serious about creating an online income this is a great way to get your site up fast. 

Go check it out here!

Niche Tools

If you reviewed the find a niche video training mentioned in Step 1 then you will have a good idea on how to put these useful tools to work for you. 

  • Google Keyword Planner – adequate levels of search volume and competition
  • Google Trends – be aware of seasonality
  • Twitter – search on keyword, phrase, or niche to gauge interest
  • Clickbank – search on keyword, topic or category for ideas and how well sales are doing (gravity). The sales content is a good source to mine keywords and phrases.
  • Market Samurai – an excellent keyword and niche analysis tool. (free and premium version)
  • Traffic Travis – is another excellent keyword and backlink tool to help you see where you rank, do competitive analysis and help drive traffic to your site. (free and premium version) 

Four Tips to Help You Find Affiliate Products and a Solid Niche

Tip – Take a look at Clickbank to see what products are selling in your niche and how well they are doing. Gravity is an indicator that tells you how well the product is selling. The higher the number the better it’s doing. 

Tip – Take a look at Offervault for ideas on other products. This is an affiliate and cost per action (CPC) site.

Tip – take a look at your competition (Google it) for your chosen keywords and see how they are monetizing their site. Find other products to sell outside of Clickbank offered by independent product owners that have their own affiliate programs related to your niche.

Tip – use forums to see the discussion on your niche, problems, and interests.

How to Find Great Affiliate Products to Promote

Follow your passion. It’s a lot easier to write about topics and be convincing to sell into a niche when you have passion. After you have determined your niche you should look for products to promote. This free video affiliate training course will teach you the techniques of selling affiliate products. 

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