Russell B runson on stage teaching click funnels

This young entrepreneur became successful in college and earned his 1st million a year after college.

Russell Brunson born in Provo, Utah in 1980 and grew up with his siblings in Sandy, Utah. His favorite sport was wrestling and he was darn good at it. He earned an All-American honor after winning the Utah 5A state championship in his junior year of high school and 2nd place in the Nationals in his senior year.

He then attended BYU on a wrestling scholarship and soon dropped out of the sport to serve a two-year mission with his church.

He spent the next two years going door to door teaching the gospel in New Jersey. His passion for wrestling remained and he transferred to Boise State University to get back into the sport.

Not long after, he met his the love of his life. They were married 9 months later.

At this point, he realized he needed to create income and wanted to give the online marketing a try. He paid a programmer $20 to create his first software product. Within 30 days he made his first $1000 dollars. In month two he doubled his income, and by month three he earned $5000.

In his senior year, Brunson earned $250,000 and crossed $1,000,000 within his first year of graduation.

The Decision to Change from Hobby to Online Business

After the birth of his twins, he decided he needed a business and not just a hobby and this is when he started the website dotcomsecrets. is a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs around the world, create and promote their own companies. He has worked with some big players including, Tony Robbins. In addition to working with Tony Robbins, he has shared the stage and taught at his events.

The foreword for his best-selling book, Dot Com Secrets was written by the world renown, Dan Kennedy.  Dan Kennedy also had Brunson teach and speak at his event. The book has gotten rave reviews on Amazon.

Connecting with Marketing Influencers

Brunson is an amazing individual who has extraordinarily achieved much early in his life. He has managed to get connected with the marketing greats of our time and is doing what he does best, create products that help the online marketer.

One of his successful and very useful software products is click funnels. Clickfunnels is the sales funnel you need on your website if you are sellingAn online sales funnel a product, service, or generating leads. It is also good for email capture. These funnels have been tested extensively and can be customized to your niche. A brilliant asset that helps you optimize your sales funnel.

It’s a necessary part of a website and a challenge for any entity to create an effective  sales process.

Solution to Bad Sales Copy

Another problem Brunson has solved is creating sales copy. Sales copy will make or break the success of your site.

It is a skill and to hire a good copywriter can be quite expensive. Russell has also solved the problem with an automated sales copy system. You can check it out in this Create Sales Copy in 10 Minutes Video.

Without a system, you are in for trial and error  with your sales funnel, which will take time and cost you dollars in lost opportunity. Using Russell’s system allows for quick setup and earning quickly.

It only makes sense to put a proven system in place and get things going quickly. The program allows for testing and tweaking. There is a trial period that would cost you nothing to test things out. How cool would it be to earn a few bucks up front to get things going while in the trial period?  It is worth a try!

Check out the video below and try the FREE trial. You’ve got nothing to lose!