Todd Brown online entrepreneur discussing sales funnels

Todd Brown’s amazing story of how this entrepreneur went from a nothing job and no experience to consulting to the biggest names in the internet space.

Todd Brown is known as a marketing sales funnel expert. He has worked with the biggest names in the internet marketing industry, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss, Rich Schefren, Brian Tracy, Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, Clayton Makepeace, Jay Abraham, to name a few.

How did Todd Brown get started in Internet Marketing?

Todd started his career seemingly by accident. He was working for a company that owned a dozen health clubs in New Jersey. One day as he went through the mail he found a direct mail piece that sold direct response marketing training for $300 dollars. He thought it would be useful and fit perfectly for what he was doing for the company. He asked the owner if he could expense it and with the owner’s approval he immersed himself in the material.

This was his first exposure to direct response marketing and copywriting. He was so impressed with what he learned that he called the training company to find the source of the material. As it turned out it was Dan Kennedy’s stuff.

From there Brown bought everything related to Dan Kennedy and immersed himself in it. The learning led him to start his first information marketing venture online starting with $850 in 2003. He had no experience in technology, the internet or even email.

Eventually, his new online venture out earned his current job. Given the new options he had, he quit the health company job and moved to south Florida.

He sought the help of Rich Schefren of Strategic Profits, a systemization expert, to further his venture. They ended up hitting it off and Rich asked him to be a partner in his company. The next two years of his life was running the many projects consisting of the marketing system for front end products, big internal launches, joint ventures, affiliate promotions and campaigns along with his own companies.

The education he got from running the marketing for the big names in the industry made him the authority on engineering successful marketing funnels. His accomplishments are many:

  • He was the brains behind the enormous launch of the first patent pending multimedia marketing system for chiropractic physicians.
  • He pushed one of his companies to be the #1 provider of marketing and business growth training for bodywork professionals.    
  • He amassed multiple six-figure product launches in the internet marketing community.
  • He co-created the very successful Founders Club.
  • He wrote a single sales letter that brought in nearly $750,000 from the Strategic Profits client list.

Todd has evolved and is offering his knowledge through his marketing automation program. If you’re serious about getting more out of your website and sales initiatives then you should visit Todd’s Marketing Funnel Automation, where you will learn and implement a customized funnel system to generate more leads, conversion, and profits.

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